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TMS 3000                                   TMS 2000

The TMS Series Tank Management System with EPA-compliant in-tank leak detection is a low cost, high performance solution designed to meet all of your environmental compliance and inventory management needs.  Complete with every feature you need, the TMS console has a simple, user-friendly interface.

Dimensions: TMS2000 - 11.8" W, 11.5" H, 4.75" D

TMS3000 - 11.8" W, 11.5" H, 6.0" D

Weight: TMS2000 - 14 lbs. (w/ Printer)

TMS3000 - 19 lbs. (4-Tank w/ Printer)

TMS3000 - 21.5 lbs. (12-Tank w/ Printer)

Operating Temperature: -40 to 160 F (-40 to 70 C) w/o Printer

-5 to 140 F (-20 to 60 C) w/ Printer

Humidity: 95% non-condensing
Enclosure Rating: Locking NEMA 12, NEMA 4, OR NEMA 4X (316 S.S.)
Power Requirements: 115/230 VAC 15% Switchable, 50-60 Hz, 20W Max.

8-16VDC OR 16-60 VDC Optional

Listings and Approvals: FCC, ULC, NYC, City of LA
I/0, NON-HAZ.: 4 Relays, 1 Form C, Rated 10A @120, 6A @240 VAC

8 Relays, 1 Form A, Rated 5A @120, 5A @240 VAC

16 Relays, 1 Form A, Rated 5A @120, 5A @240 VAC

6 or 12-Ch. Programmable Analog Outputs:

0-1mA, 0-20mA, 0-24mA, 4-20mA 0-5 VDC, 1-5 VDC


Communications: RS-232 Included Standard, RJ-13 Jack

RS-485 Included Standard, RJ-13 Jack

Internal, Secured Modem, Fax/Modem, Network Interface or ModBus Optional

Display: 9-Character, Super-Bright LED Data Display
Number of tanks: TMS2000 - up to 2 tanks

TMS3000 - up to 12 tanks

Probe Inputs: Intrinsically safe magnetostrictive
Level Precision: .0005" (0.0013 cm)
0.2 GPH Leak Test: 99.9% Pd, .1% Pfa
0.2 GPH  Quick Test: 95% Pd, 5% Pfa
0.1 GPH Precision Test: 95.3% Pd, 4.7% Pfa
Type: Magnetostrictive/Float
Material: Shaft: 316 SS or Kynar

Floats: 316 SS, Buna-N, Urethane, or Kynar

Location: Hazardous, Class I, Division 1, Group C and D; cUL Class I, Zone 0, Group IIB
Temperature: 5 Thermistors in shaft, 1 in probe head
Temperature Range: -40 F to 175 F (-40 to 80 C)
Data Cable: 22 AWG, 2-Conductor twisted pair w/ shield

Belden 8441, Belden 8761, Alpha 1736C or equiv., max. length 3000' to 4600'

Number of Sensors: TMS2000 - 2 Probes/8 Sensors

TMS3000 - 4 Probes/40 Sensors, 8 Probes/32 Sensors, 12 Probes/24 Sensors

Electronic, Discriminating: ES825-200F
Electronic, Non-Discriminating: ES825-100F
Float Sensor: LS600LD
Multi-Float Sensor: LS600xx
Float, Wet Annular: RSU800
Float, Dry Annular: LS610
Polymer/Float - Wet Well: HS100D
Polymer - Dry Containment: HS100-ND

Because of the many different options and every site is different, every system will be quoted separately.
 Please contact Phil or Brett for more information and pricing at: or