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husky 1gs automatic farm nozzle diesel green

Model #: 045703N-03

Item #: 11-045703N-03

Automatic shut-off nozzle with polymer hand guard for use on farms, skid tanks, and large pumps with or without air eliminators and commercial applications.

Features and Benefits:

  • 1GS nozzle shuts off when the gas tank is full

  • Nozzle is equipped with unique Flo-Stop device that shuts off the nozzle if it falls from the fill tank or raises above the horizontal.

  • Not for use with gravity tanks

  • Not legal for retail dispensing applications


  • Body: Aluminum

  • Seals: Fluorocarbon

  • Packing: Double O-ring seal protected by fiber reinforced Teflon

  • Lever: One piece contoured steel with hard plastic cover

  • Inlet: 1" NPT

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