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GPI HP-100-UL, 60-114000-10, 50 gal per 100 Strokes, 3/4" x 8' Hose, Metal Nozzle, 1" Inlet, 3/4" Outlet


Model: HP100-UL
Item #: 60-114000-10

The HP-100 Dual Flo Hand Pump is a premium hand pump that is reliable and versatile. For high-volume fuel transfer, use the high handle position: the HP-100 generates twice the flow of any other hand pump. For use with diesel fuel up to 20% biodiesel blends such as B20, gasoline up to 15% alcohol blends such as E15, kerosene, petroleum products such as medium oil (up to 30W), and hydraulic fluid.

Features and Benefits:

  • Up to 50 gal per 100 Strokes

  • 3/4" x 8' Hose

  • Metal Nozzle

  • Premium pump moves fluid on both push and pull strokes. Lockable.

  • 2" NPT

  • U.L. Listed Subject 124

  • 2 Year Warranty


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