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OPW 1290 Automatic Truck nozzle

Model #: 1290-0050

Item #: 28-1290-0050

The 1290 nozzle is for use with heavy-duty, high-flow trucks, bus and home fuel oil delivery service.

Features and Benefits:

  • Venturi-Type Shut-off Mechanism: for automatic shut-off.

  • Aluminum body: lighter in weight and easier to maneuver than other nozzles on the market.

  • Two-position hold open device.

  • One-hand Control of Hold-Open Mechanism: means easy setting for flow rate.

  • Right Angle Design: provides larger lever area for better grips and easier control, permitting the nozzle to fit into awkward spaces close to walls and into corners.

  • Easily-Replaces Spout: simply remove the spout retainer nut.

  • Built-In Outlet Check Valve: meets all known requirements of the Division of Measurement Standards.

  • Dual Poppets: make nozzle easy to open against high inlet pressure.

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