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GPI RP-5, 60-129003-1 Rotary Hand Pump, 8 gal per 100 Revolutions, Nozzle Spout


Model: GPI RP-5
Item #: 60-129003-1

This is a light-duty rotary hand pump that fits a standard 55-gallon barrel. This pump comes complete, requiring no special tools and installs in minutes. Mounts on standard 55-gallon barrel with 2-inch NPT bung. Includes adjustable spout and easy spin handle. Built in strainer prevents damage from contaminants. To use with Kerosene, Diesel fuel (up to 20% biodiesel blends such as B20), Petroleum based fluids having a flash point above 100 degree F, Light oil (up to 10W), and hydraulic fluid.

Features and Benefits:

  • Up to 8 gal per 100 Revolutions

  • Nozzle Spout

  • 3-Piece Metal Suction Pipe

  • Light duty rotary action pump

  • 2" NPT Bung

  • 90 Day Warranty


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