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Model #: 144TA-0100

Item #: 28-144TA-0100

The 144TA alarm box is designed for one tank.  It has a high or low liquid level sensing in liquid tanks.  Audio and visual indicators are used to ensure reliable notifications.  Requires the 44TA-LLFS liquid level float switch.

Features and Benefits:

  • Long Life Lithium Battery: Self powered by Lithum battery; includes a 10 year shelf life to ensure peace of mind for the owner.

  • Visual Notifications: Red alarm light flash during use for notification to the user.  Low battery light indicates when battery needs replacing.

  • Audible alarm: Sounds a 90 decible alarm at 4' away to meet OSHA requirements.

  • Active from the time it leaves the factory: There is no on/off switch to deal with which means no drained batteries and operator error are eliminated.

  • Stainless Steel Pipe Construction: Allows use in any array of fluid applications.

  • Easy Installation: Requires no calibration and installs easily into a 1" bung.

  • Cold Weather Application: All components are rated for -40*F operation

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