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Model #: 295SAJ-0200

Item #: 28-295SAJ-0200

The 295SAJ for over wing aircraft service.

Features and Benefits:

  • Aluminum Body: Lighter weight, easier to maneuver.

  • Dual Poppets: easy to open nozzle against high inlet pressure.

  • Color Coded Composite Lever Guards: helps distinguish between AVGAS and Jet A.  Easily replaced in lever guard kit.

  • Right Angle Design: Provides larger lever area for better grip and easier control.

  • Vinyl Coated Lever: Insulates fingers against cold.

  • 100 Mesh Strainer: Prevents foreign matter from entering fuel tank; easy to remove and clean.

  • Dust Cap: keeps spout free from dirt and stops fuel drippage when connected.

  • Adjustable Dash Pot: permits adjusting the main poppet closure rate over a wide range of flows to overcome line shock with minimum afterflow.

  • Easily Replaces Spout: the spout is easily threaded into the body.  Replacement spouts are available from OPW.

  • Built-In Swivel: eliminates twisting and kinking of the hose.  The swivel is electroless nickel-plated and has full-bearing surfaces.

  • Ground Wire Assembly: included on all aviation nozzles.

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