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Cim-Tek 41060, DEF Stainless Steel Filter Housing, 1" NPT, EPDM Gaskets

Model: 41060

Item #: 03-41060

Cim-Tek 41060 is a specially designed Stainless Steel Filter Housing with EPDM gaskets. Compatible with diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) (Urea).

Features and Benefits:

  • Max Operating Pressure: 150 PSI (10.3 Bar)

  • Inlet/ Outlet: 1" NPT

  • Filter removes particulates & crystals from DEF (Urea) fluid

  • Particulate-Free DEF (Urea) will not plug dosing valve

  • Ultra-Clean DEF (Urea) Fluid is critical in making the SCR System on the truck function properly

  • Stainless Steel Housing with Viton Gaskets

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