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OPW 11A green diesel Non-Prepay Service Station Nozzle with Hold Open Clip

Model #: 11A-0100-NUL

Item #: 28-11A-0100-NUL


The 11A series non-prepay automatic nozzle Non-UL has a hold open clip.  Small, trim, lightweight, easy and convenient to use, the 11A is a rugged performer that offers long life and reliable service.

Features and Benefits:

Safe for Use

  • UL and ULC listed for use with gasoline, diesel, and up to 10% ethanol blends.

  • Prevents gasoline spills in prepay or card-lock systems utilizing OPW's unique no pressure no flow device.  The nozzle cannot be opened until the pumping system is pressurized, and closes automatically when pressure is removed.

  • Prevents consumer from jamming the nozzle in an open position.

  • FlowLock allows nozzle to shut-off when falling out of a vehicle, and tipped up limiting spillage and unsafe conditions.

Durable & Long-Lasting Design

  • Cycle tested and proven to last longer that 1 million cycles

  • Durable lever guard that won't scratch yout customers' vehicles

  • New hold open clip spring lasts longer than previous designs.

Note: The 11A nozzle with hold open clip in NOT UL 2586 listed, and should only be used on Commercial and Agricultural applications where UL 2586 is not required.