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Model #: 818

Item #: 09-818-0100AGEVR

Standard Features

Gauge face displays level reading in feet and inches. The hour hand (short hand) displays the number of feet and the minute hand (long hand) accurately displays the number of inches

Easy to install and calibrate in a 2″ tank top opening

Accurate to 1/8 of an inch

Easily read from 30 feet away

Vapor tight construction

Vapor tight fog free design

Gauge rotates 360° making it easy for the face to be read from the desired orientation

Visual indicators for high level (red) and low level (green) are applied to the dial face cover

Standard float fits through a 2″ schedule 40 pipe nipple; drop tube float fits through schedule 40 and schedule 80 pipe nipple

Compatible with 2″ Morrison 419 drop tube

Optional drop tube float when used in conjunction with a drop tube, reduces float entanglement when turbulent conditions are present

Construction Details

Body: Aluminum

Float: Stainless steel

Cable: Stainless steel

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