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OPW 1 1/2" FUEL OIL NOZZLE (spout optional)

Model #: 295SC-0141

Item #: 28-295SC-0141

The 295SC High Flow Nozzle is used for Bulk fuel oil delivery service.

Features and Benefits:

  • Aluminum Body: Lighter weight, easier to maneuver.

  • Duel Poppets: easy to open nozzle against high inlet pressures.

  • Replacement Hold-Open Rack: one hand control of hold-open mechanism means easy setting of flow speed.  Nozzle must be attended at all times during usage.

  • Replaceable Composite Lever Guard: easy, low-cost replacement.

  • Right Angle Design: provides larger area for better grip and easier control; permits nozzle to fit into awkward spaces close to walls and into corners.

  • Adjustable Dash Pot: permits adjusting the main poppet closure rate over a wide range of flows to overcome line shock with minimum afterflow.

  • Built in swivel: eliminates twisting and kinking of the hose.  The swivel is hard-coated aluminum and has full-bearing surfaces.

  • Built-in check valve: prevents hose drainage after pump is turned off.

  • Vinyl-Coated Lever: insulates fingers against cold.

  • Easily Replaces Spout: the spout is easily threaded into the body.  Replacement spouts are available from OPW.

  • NPT Female Threads at Inlet End: standard pipe threads accept all 1 1/4" or 1 1/2" male connections.

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