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Model #: 241TPS-0492

Item #: 28-241TPS-0492

The 241TPS-0492 is designed and rigorously tested for use in today's alternative fuels.  It is UL listed for use in Ethanol blended fuels up to 85%.  It is installed in between the nozzle and the hose to provide flexibility in the system to reduce customer strain, position the nozzle properly, and reduce premature hose wear.

Features and Benefits:

  • UL listed for up to 85%

  • Allows for esay nozzle positioning in fill pipes - Utilizing two planes of rotation.

  • Reduces premature hose wear - Utilizing two planes of rotation.

  • Added protection vs. thermal and chemical degradation - Dual seals


  • Body: Aluminum w/ Nickel plating

  • Outlet Adaptor: Zinc w/ Nickel plating

  • Inlet Adaptor: zinc w/ nickel plating

  • Seals: Buna-N, Viton

  • Bearing: Nylon

  • Working Pressure: 50 PSI (3.45 bar) maximum pressure

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