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husky 6350 3/4" E-85 swivel

Model #: 6350 - 3/4"

Item #: 11-6350 - 3/4"

Features and Benefits:

  • For E85

  • Multi-Plane, Full 360* spherical rotation for easy movement of nozzle

  • Compatible with unlead, diesel and Ethanol blends through E100

  • Compatible with fuels containing alcohol

  • High flow rate due to laminar flow design

  • Compact and light weight for easy handling

  • Double O-ring seals at each swivel provide long life and low temperature (-40* F/C) performance

  • High strength step shoulder bearing diameters and impact absorbing stops


  • Body: Aluminum with Electroless Nickel Plating

  • Inner O-ring: Fluorosilicone

  • Outer O-ring: Fluorocrbon

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