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OPW 7H BLACK Hi speed diesel NON-prepay nozzle withOUT ring 

Model #: 7H-5400-NUL

Item #: 28-7H-5400-NUL

The 7H series nozzle with hold open clip is NOT UL 2586, and should only be used on Commercial or Agricultural applications where UL 2586 is Not required.  The 7H is available with UL 2586 without hold open clip by special order.

Features and Benefits:

Safe for Use:

  • ​UL and ULC listed for use in gasoline, diesel, and up to 10% ethanol blends.

  • Prevents gasoline spills in prepay or card-lock systems utilizing OPW's unique No Pressure - No Flow Device.  The nozzle cannot be opened until the pumping system is pressurized, and closes automatically when the pressure is removed (7HB Series only).

  • Prevents consumer from jamming the nozzle in an open position

  • FlowLock allows nozzle to shut-off when falling out of a fill pipe, and tipped up limiting spillage and unsafe conditions.

  • Low reliable shut off specifically designed to ensure proper automatic shut off as low as 5 gallons per minute.

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