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husky 3/4" X 17' SERVICE STATION HOSE MALE X male

Model #: CP12WB17

Item #: 11-CP12WB17

Features and Benefits:

  • Recommended anywhere a hardwall or softwall hose is inappropriate

  • Recommended for all gasoline and gasoline/Ethanol blends at Ethanol levels designated as "gasohol" (E10 maximum or less), Diesel fuel and diesel fuel blends with normal biodiesel concentrations up to 5% (B0-B5), kerosene and fuel oil (heating oil), leaded and unleaded gasoline

  • Resistant to crushing and stands up to run-over

  • Highly resistant to cuts, abrasions, sun and weather.

  • Flexibility of a softwall, durability of a hardwall

  • Assures accurate readings at the pump

  • Will not mark or scratch vehicle finishes

  • All curb pump hose assemblies are 100% pressure tested, inspected for electrical continuity and sample pull tested.


  • Tube: Nitrile

  • Cover: Black CPE (cholrinated polyethylene), wrap impression

  • Reinforcement: Multiple textile braids with full diameter grounding sheath

  • Temperature Range: -40*F to +180*F (-40*C to +82*C)

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