catlow MCSB-75 3/4" mAG SWIVEL BREAKAWAY combo


Model #: MCSB-75  3/4"

Item #: 05-MCSB-75  3/4"

Designed with the same features as Catlow's Controller swivel breakaway combination is now updated with magnetic technology.  The SBS-MAG unit connects directly to the fuel nozzle eliminating the need for a whip hose assembly.

Features and Benefits:

  • 2-360* swivels give flexibility and ease in awkward fueling positions

  • UL/ULC Listed

  • Does not effect existing hose length

  • Fluorosilicone seals perform to 40*

  • Meets NFPS 30A codes

  • Installs directly to the nozzle

  • No need for whip hose

  • Easy to reconnect

  • Eliminates leak points

  • Durable plastic cover prevents damage during a drive-off

  • 1 Year warranty


  • Body is Aluminum & zinc die cast

  • Seals are Viton, Fluorosilicone & Nitrile

  • Breakaway cover is glass filled nylon