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Cim-Tek 260AHS-10, 70061, Hydrosorb, 10 Micron, 1-3/8" x 12 UNF

Model Cim-Tek 260AHS-10
Item # 03-70061

Designed for particulate and water removal. Hydrosorb filters for power pumps absorb only the free water, allowing acceptable small amounts of water that have no effect on engine performance to pass through. 9 oz. water holding capacity before restriction occurs. Use with diesel, gasoline or ethanol and methanol blends up to 10%.

Features and Benefits:

  • Spin-on filter for water detection and particulate removal

  • 10 Micron

  • Hydrosorb media

  • 1 3/8"-12 UNF Thread

  • 18 GPM max. flow

  • 50 psi max.

  • Compatible adaptor:

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