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husky ul listed I+VIIIs hi speed diesel nozzle - green

Model #: 177610-03

Item #: 11-177610-03

Heavy duty Diesel Pressure Activated Automatic nozzle with polymer hand guard for truck stop and other high volume full-service, self-service and unattended stations.

Features and Benefits:

  • VIIIS nozzle shuts off when the pump shuts off, the gas tank is full, the lever is opened before the pump is turned on, or the leak detector has not completed the test cycle.

  • Spout is reinforced with thick aluminum bushing that retains spout spring and keeps spout from rounding-in: the two leading causes of clicking off and splash-back spillage

  • Nozzle is equipped with a unique Flo-Stop device that shuts off the nozzle if it falls from the fill tank or raises above the horizontal.


  • Body: Aluminum

  • Seals: Fluorocarbon

  • Packing: Double O-ring seal protected by fiber reinforced Teflon

  • Lever: One piece contoured steel 

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